The Book

Chapter 2: A Weekend by the Book - I

Those wonderful, slightly chill mornings with the birds chirping noisily outside his bedroom window always made Bob want to stay in bed. The silky touch of his comforter against his naked legs was a sensual pleasure he enjoyed almost as much as sex itself. He hadn't opened his eyes yet, and wasn't sure he wanted to.

He was lingering over the dream he'd had as he awoke, a dream in soft cushioned heavens with a soft supple woman he'd never seen before. Literally an angel, wings although no halo, she'd taken him to the peaks of ecstasy in his dream. He could remember a ledge, and clouds, but very little else. The haze of passing dream memory made her even more attractive as his wakening mind tried to recreate the lushness of their acts together.

He finally rose from bed, and happily relished the fact of today as a holiday. Looking at the clock, he could tell he'd slept a sinful extra half hour to almost 8:00 AM.

He leaned against the wall in the shower. The water flowed in little waterfalls over his shoulders, arms, and chest. This sensation also gave a smooth relief of pleasure, while he reflected back on the preceding day's activities.

He wanted to believe it wasn't all a dream, along with the angelic visitor of his sleep. He knew it wasn't because despite the free fall way his life had become, he could see the symbols. The Book's symbols. He saw the passage of the symbols along his own legs and arms, even the tiny streams along the surface of his skin. They paralleled the streams of water, glistening in the morning light.

He finished the shower knowing today would be another shining wonder in his life.

Bob dressed in his jeans and a tee-shirt, ate breakfast, and cleaned the mess from breakfast. It was about 9:00 and he needed to run some errands at the stores and the mall.

He did some grocery shopping first. The supplies were to last him the next week, but Bob wanted to be prepared for the possible activities, so he stocked up more heavily than usual. After he paid, it occurred to him, payment was totally unnecessary. He was glad he'd paid anyway.

After unloading the groceries at home, he grabbed his speakers, shoved them in the car and drove to his friend Ben's stereo repair shop. They'd been performing poorly for a month or so. He hadn't meant to get them fixed today, but his lie to Betty had to be made good.

He went in the store from the back door. Ben owned the shop, although he was the service expert as well. None of his employees could hold a candle to his talents with electronics. Ben was proud of his high school buddy.

"Ben," Bob's friend was about 6 feet tall, 4 inches shorter than Bob, with a dark complexion and a pudgy tummy. "How long to fix these?"

"Bob! Let's see," He picked up one of the boxes, "It'll take a while to get you an estimate, you know that?"

"Yeah, well, I've got a woman coming over tonight," he looked around quickly and gave Ben one of those 'manly' knowing looks, "it's not Betty and I don't want her to know. I told her you were going to help me with these..."

"Geeze Bob," shaking his head, Ben opened the backs of the speakers to examine them, "you know I'll help if I can, but man, I don't know what's wrong without checking these out first."

"I know, I know. Just tell me what you can do."

"So you're working on two babes at once, eh?"

"Well, let's just say I've lucked into some nice ass while Betty is stringing me along..."

"You know, if you're horny, we can work something out with Janet." Janet was Ben's wife. Ben and Janet had an open arrangement, partly because Ben got off on seeing his wife with another man.

Bob hadn't liked the idea before, especially since Janet really didn't like Bob much. He wasn't sure why, he figured it had something to do with Bob dragging Ben off to poker games occasionally. "I know she doesn't like you much, but if I talk to her, she'll do just about anything."

"Actually Ben, I think I could talk her into spreading for me without your help. I'm just not so sure it's a very good idea."

Ben snorted out a laugh. He'd gotten both speakers open by now, and had to step back while laughing to avoid damage.

"Forgive me Bob," he wiped his eyes and suppressed, badly, the huge grin creeping across his face. "Janet would do it if I asked, not for any other reason. I've had to put up with her bitching about you." "Oh?" Ben was curious, "What IS her complaint with me anyway?"

"She thinks you are not good enough to be my friend. She keeps telling me you haven't got enough class, you abuse our friendship, you spend too much time drinking and crap like that." Well, at least the drinking wasn't true.

"So?, why'd she marry you then?, you and I move in the same circles, so to speak."

"I dunno. She fell head over heels in love or lust or somethin'."

"I'll tell you what Ben. I'll bet you double or nothing the cost of the repair, I go to your house and fuck her silly while you wait here."

"You think so!? I'll bite, what's the gimmick? You get some film of her doing something you can blackmail her with? Fat chance!"

"Nothing like it. I'll even get her to call you to talk while I'm making her, how's that?"

"Oh, man, I'd love that. I'd fix your speakers for nuthin' just for the opportunity to watch or listen to her being humped, and you know it. It ain't gonna happen though."

"Okay, you got it! I'm on my way."

"You sure you don't want me to call her first? She really doesn't like you much. I wasn't kidding."

"I don't care if she throws darts at my photo in your wedding pics. She'll beg for a repeat performance when you get home."

"Shit." was the last word from Ben before Bob left.

Bob glowed inside with the knowledge he couldn't lose this bet, and Ben wouldn't be hurt by his project. Every encounter gave him extra valuable knowledge, and this would be no different.

Bob got to Ben's house at 10:20 AM. The house was an old two story, fairly attractive in light blue. Bob smiled at the sight of the white picket fence around the yard. The house was on a corner and he'd never quite got into the habit of walking all the way around the corner to the front gate. He usually parked around the side by the back of the house.

Once again, he jumped the fence. Musing, he figured this was easily another influence effecting why Janet didn't like him as any.

He walked through the back porch door, and rang the bell next to the kitchen door. Reaching out, he could feel the symbols down the basement. She was coming up the stairs, he judged, and had seen him jump the fence through the basement window. He could feel her ankles rise and drop climbing each step. She radiated symbols strongly shouting 'disapproval'.

The door opened, and there, in a glorious ray of sunlight, stood Janet. She was about 5 foot 8 inches. Her slightly auburn hair was nicely set off by her freckles. She had a hostile frown on her plush lips and the wrinkles around her eyes show more concern than he'd remembered being there. Dressed in a sweat suit for house work, he could only see some of her curves he had admired in the past. He knew her chest was larger than her frame would suggest, and her slender legs rivaled those of the best dancers. He was somewhat curious as to the color of pubic hair in the past, and figured he'd find out today for certain.

The moment taken up by reflection passed. She began an irritated pout, and brushed back her hair.

"So Bob!" she spurted out. "To what do I owe this visit? I know you're aware that Ben is at work."

He stepped past her, and he spoke, "I know, just came from his shop. I never did find out why you let him work there, since you guys have all that money from your father." She followed him to the living room, where as Bob recalled, there was a perfectly comfortable lounge chair with a phone on the table next to it. Excellent, he thought.

"He needs to work, to keep his hands busy, you know that." snarling. "Yep," he grinned lecherously, "keeps his hands off you, I'm sure."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I made a bet with Ben, that I'd seduce you today."

She stared dumb struck at him for a minute, then laughed hysterically. Bob just waited, knowing with his new talent, nothing she did would stop him from taking her. She finally collapsed in the chair, and calmed herself a bit.

"You know, even if you had any chance before," she still giggled between words, "you couldn't do it now that you've warned me. You might as well leave now."

"I don't think there'll be a problem. Before you know it, you'll want me in you so bad you won't care about the bet at all."

"You're pretty sure of yourself for someone so full of shit." she crossed her arms over her chest, allowing him some view of the curves concealed by the sweat shirt. "You are beginning to get me pissed, and believe me, that ain't gonna help a sorry little sot like you get anywhere." She grinned in a sadistic manner, "besides I've screwed just about everyone else Ben knows, at his request I might add, and he has never, thank the heavens, asked me to do anything with you. If he does, it will be the first and only time I refuse. It might be the grounds for our divorce, happy though he makes me otherwise." It was clear she thought she'd stung him.

Bob finally started exerting some changes in the thought streams her body was using. As he laughed back, he insinuated the tendrils of pleasure up through her thighs and along the back of her neck. "I think you will shortly find your opinion unreliable, even for your own judgment of your own actions..." He reached directly to the nerve streams her groin used and slid the symbols in that caused sexual heat to rise from within. "Shall we get started or would you like to deny your own body's lust a while longer?"

She twisted head to the side a bit, gritting her teeth. "How do you expect me to be aroused by such a lousy approach?"

"Actually, I've suspected for some time you want me. You always react with hostility to me, but I always suspected you want to cajole me into sexual action with you. Ben may have his desires, this struck me as one of yours." Of course, he knew she was being aroused by his mental manipulation of her nervous system, but he wanted her consciousness to believe she'd simply suppressed her desires.

"You're nuts," by this time he'd sent a few tingles through her cunt lips, and clit, she was twisting in the lounge chair trying not to show her arousal, "you are imagining things. {unggh}"

Bob began to undress. His penis was nestled, retracted, in amongst his balls. As the hanging silence became more pronounced, he knelt before her, and pulled her running shoes off. By now, her head was lolling back and a few drops of sweat were rolling off her forehead. He could make out the pale bottom of her chin as he rolled her sweat pants down her legs. "Unngh oooohh," she loosed the groans with reluctant acknowledgment of her heightened state of arousal. Her panties, a pale pink frilly pair, wet and smelling uniquely of woman, came off through his administration next.

"I can't, aahh, be so, eeaa, so hot, gggnnn, hot from arggggg, arguing with yyyaaahhh, you... oh god yes" he was gently tickling the lips of her pussy with his fingers. He had a fine view now of her luscious slender legs, which were stretching out to point the toes in pulsing motions. "ggnnnnggoooood, oooohhh mooorre"

He lifted the sweat shirt up over her breasts. Delightfully, her melon sized boobs were unencumbered by a bra. The lovely freckles, so attractive on her countenance, also graced the pale skin of her tits. He could almost see little circles form by the little dots as the two orbs bounced and wobbled from the motions Janet was now making.

"Lift your arms." She did as instructed and he pulled off the top over her head. Her hair, fell through the neck of the sweat shirt, almost in slow motion, gliding across her smooth, naked shoulders. He felt his own arousal as his prick began to stiffen.

"Oh Bobbbb," she had now yielded to his physical advances. He stroked the nipples of one tit, watching it grow to attention as he sucked the other nipple into his mouth, teasing it inside with his tongue. "oh yessss, suck me, suck suck suck... me" her lithe fingers stroked through his hair, smoothing the errant strays while pulling, and sinking his head into the breast he was attacking. He blocked the orgasm he saw developing in her, coming mostly from the stimulation of her breasts.

He had a call to make first.

"Mmnnph!," he pulled back against the pressure of both of her arms now. God!, she's strong, he thought. "pick up the phone, call Ben." "Unnh, don't stop. don't don't." she muttered, apparently at the brink but unable to breach the barrier. "why, inuhhhh, call Ben? just fuck me, oh god please fuck me... unng..."

"Don't you think he'd like to hear you coming?" He clamped his finger and thumb tightly on her nipple, twisting sharply {nnng, uuuuuuahhh}. He could see she was expecting that to send her over, but instead it just sent her pelvis into deeper thrusts, seeking cock that hadn't been inserted yet. Her fulfillment would wait a touch longer.

She fumbled, and between grunts and moans, managed to dial the number. She strained her eyes open and closed as the other end rang. And when the voice answering was not Ben, she struggled to suppress the sounds her throat was forcing past her tongue.

"Hi, {ahemmm} this is Janet, can I {cough} speak with my husband." She barely managed to contain her voice as Bob pulled her legs up over the arms of the chair and began to slide his hand over her ass. She shouldn't bother hiding her activities, he thought. Everyone who works with Ben knows how you two operate. "unghh!, please, unhgg, ooohhh pleeease!"

"Hello, {grnnnt} Ben?," the voice seemed to confirm it, "Bob is here, and he tells me, ugnngh, you guys made a bet of ooaaah, some kind... uh uh uh uh" Bob had inserted two fingers in her cunt and was starting to thrust them in and out.

"Here," she panted as she held out the phone, "he wants {rrrrggggh} to talk, mmmmmm, to you."

"Bob!?, Bob!?, Bob!?"

"Yup," Bob had to exert a measure of self control to keep from breathing heavily into the phone, "she's hot to trot, ready for fucking. How would you like me to take her?"

"I don't believe,... never mind! I don't care, I just want to hear her while she's coming!" Ben responded.

"Okay, you listen, she'll hold the phone to her throat..."

He handed the phone back to Janet. Obedient to the instructions, she pinned the phone where the receiver would pick up every throaty sound she loosed.

"Okay Janet, since Ben hasn't got a preference, and you're so convinced I can't get in your pants, how do you want it?"

"Oh Bob, I uh uh uh, I'm sorry, uh uh uh, fuck me Bob, fuck me! please fuck me! god!! fuck fuck fuck, pleeeese."

He worked himself up into position to enter, and in a single lunge, thrust the length of his cock deep inside her. "OooooooOH!" was her immediate response. As he thrust, he let himself come pretty quickly, a fountain of come flooding freely through his prick. He kept pounding to her thumping grunts and slowly released the block on her orgasm, causing her building heat to rise higher still. "YESSSS!, YES YES YES YES, oh FUCK SHIT FUCK GOD!" she screamed, completely without restraint as the sensation drew her on. In one final screaming pitch, she pounded up and down so hard, he thought the chair was creaking louder than it should. She released completely with an ear piercing primal scream.

She lay panting frantically on the chair as he stood up. She was clearly used up, needing to recover before she could even speak. The sweat dripped into a puddle on the chairs arms, head rest, back and elsewhere, competing with the puddle of sexual juices by her ass. "Hello? Hello?" squawked from the phone. Bob picked it up. Janet was in no condition to do so.

"Ben, you still there?"

"Goddamn, I wet my pants." came Ben's voice calmly as though he'd dropped a screw driver.

"Well, you lose the bet lad."

"I guess so, who'd of guessed."

"Talk to you later."

"Later." and the phone clicked as Ben hung up.

Janet just sat there, eyes closed, panting, helpless before him. Bob enjoyed this view and toyed with her hair while he stood beside her.

"We'll do this again won't we Janet?" She opened her eyes and looked at him with astonishment. Gulping, she straightened up a bit. "I h-h-hope so. I'd never would've thought you'd be the best sex I'd ever had. I want more, but I'm burnt out."

"There'll be another time." He began to dress.

"I'm sorry about the things I said... stay, we can screw again in a little while."

"Its okay, like I said, I think you were using it to build sexual tension or some such shit."

"Yeah, well, that was the best fuck I can remember." Still naked she walked to the kitchen with him. "I want to repeat the experience often. Ben won't mind, honest."

"I know, gotta go now." With this Bob turned and embraced her in his arms. He kissed her passionately, as she returned the kiss with her tongue caressing his lips.

Bob was pleased, he'd only controlled some of her physical reactions. Not at all like Fran, whose mind was completely adjusted to meet his demands. Nor like Randi, who he'd taken control of her body with some reaction control. Now with a little work he could manipulate women without bending them into entirely new personalities.

Somewhat satisfied that nothing could go wrong now, that his talent was beginning to grow. He drove over to the Mall, there were a few more things he'd need before tonight!

The mall was full of mothers with children, college students who didn't have classes or were cutting, and the odd couple here and there with a day off. Bob was concentrating on getting to the book store, when something jolted his reverie...

There was a very attractive young girl, although as he looked she appeared to be older, sitting in front of a shoe store. She had long black hair, a clear complexion, and was thin but not boney. What snapped him loose from daydreaming about screwing Janet was her intensity as she watched women walking by...

Bob sat down across from the Shoe store, pretending to check his purchases. He reached out with a tendril of thought to probe her. He was curious. Taking out a pen, he slipped into her subconscious and found her name and address. This information written down for later use, he made an effort to monitor her thoughts.

For a moment, he could see through her eyes as she appraised the curves of a woman walking by with a stroller. This was new! He could feel her salivating at the idea of sucking milk from the new mother's teat. He could sense the arousal in her loins and found that his manhood was straining in response to her lust.

Knowing he couldn't get his chores done, and explore this hot little treat, he double checked the address he'd written down and pulled his tendril of thought back.

He got a second surprise...

Someone was frantically trying to hide their mind, and doing a poor job of it. He'd never of noticed, but for his little probe activity. Bob began to seek out the consciousness trying to hide. It was wandering the mall, but he couldn't tell where...

{who??} came a symbol from this mystery person, {not them?}

Bob, stunned that anyone else knew the symbols, much less could manipulate them, paused before responding.

{I am learning} he tried to be somewhat evasive. Worried about the reactions of others to his experiments, it didn't seem a good idea to expose himself either. {why do you hide?}

{hunters!, you can be found, be careful} and the other mind modified it's concealment, vanishing from Bob's inexperienced probing. Someone else slapped out at him with an entirely unsubtle probe at his mind. Pulling back into himself he displayed a set of surface thoughts about shopping. Hunters?, what hunters? Telepaths with hostility towards other telepaths? It was a shock to learn there were others who knew the symbols. He decided caution was in order.

Bob's consciousness slipped down inside himself. He filled out the artificial consciousness he left showing, so telepathic probes wouldn't detect him. This probe was pure energy though, no symbols apparent. Could the phony him pass if whoever looked closely?

The probe passed, Bob allowed himself an internal sigh of relief. What he'd done seemed to have worked. He checked the artificial personality he displayed. He was certain it was untouched. He wondered who the phantom he'd communicated with was, but was relieved to avoid the 'hunters'.

In an unhurried manner, watching anxiously for the 'hunters', he completed his errands. He still couldn't keep from shaking somewhat.

Once he was back on the road, he couldn't resist speeding. He had to adjust a cop to ignore him as he drove past. Just another price of the fun he now enjoyed.

"Hi Ben."


"Speakers ready yet?" Bob was still shaking. He wasn't used to the idea that other people were looking for him, as a telepath that is. "Hey bud," Ben jibed, "Screwing Janet give you a case of nerves?" "Naw, close call on the highway." Bob lied. You don't have the talent, you shouldn't know about it, he thought.

"That was one intense phone call by the way. Ran home for an hour and we had a quickie on the kitchen floor." Ben lifted the speakers from behind his work desk. "Funny thing though, Janet seemed let down afterwards..."

"Aw, she'll be okay. Twice, so close together, probably just a case of stamina failure."

"Well, you musta given her some work out, she was still naked in the kitchen. Said she was feeling kind of limp. It was great for me though."

"Heh heh, thanks for fixing the speakers, Janet was real fun. If you don't mind maybe she and I can..." he let the thought trail off. It wouldn't do to have Ben think he was too far gone to appreciate a good fuck.

"You bet. I'd like to watch though, you know what a thrill I get outa seeing her get laid..."

"Right, sure. When the opportunity arises, I guess."

As evening approached, Bob felt much better. He realized the 'hunters', as he thought of them, could never get hold of him if they couldn't spot him. Everything was cool again, he thought. He'd just have to be careful to keep up a good front. He'd have to look at the Book, to see if any other telepaths are mentioned. Specifically he wanted to see if he'd overlooked any reference to hostile groups, or some kind of association of telepaths.

He pushed it to the back of his mind for now. He wanted to be ready for his private party. So he went back to clearing away the living room's clutter and straightened up the bedroom. This was going to be an interesting evening.

When the doorbell rang promptly at 6:30, Bob rushed to open it. There was Fran, and as he'd come to expect, she was striking sexy poses whenever opportune, as if the photographer would snap a picture at any moment. Mostly this showed her bust line and hips to great effect, but the coy come hither looks she shot off were most effective.

She walked in as he directed carrying a large and tattered shopping bag. She stood in the living room for a moment, gathering in the view, neither approving nor disapproving. Bob closed the door and walked up behind her.

"Oh darling, um, master, I've looked forward to this all day!" She hadn't of course, but she didn't know that. Bob adjusted the instructions he'd given her to allow her to remain in secret lover personality while in his home tonight. He reached around her and cupped the undersides of her tits. They were delightfully round and soft. Clearly she'd successfully removed her underthings before coming. He fingered her nipples and licked the back of her neck. She cocked one knee up a bit and began to squeeze her thighs in, intending to stimulate her groin. "oh, master, oh please yes." He stopped after a few moments, to her obvious disappointment.

Lifting the back of her skirt, he was pleased to learn that she'd gotten the panties off too. Rubbing her bottom he slowly slipped his middle finger into her asshole. "Eeek!, aaahhh..." Startled at first, she allowed herself to relax and accept the intrusion.

"March as I lead." he began to direct her by his finger to the bedroom. Each step was arousing her more as he finger fucked her anus with every up and down motion. Her face took on a flushed color and little gasps came after the first few steps.

"You brought your uniform?" He removed his finger. Disappointment rose again within her. She apparently was expecting to be well fucked first thing. She'd have to wait.

"Yes master, a beautiful maids outfit. I've worn it once before, but Joe didn't really care for it."

"Put it on, I'll be in the kitchen." He turned and left her, wanting to be surprised at least a little bit.

A few minutes later as she came into the kitchen, he turned and was extremely pleased.

She wore a frilly top blouse with red cups under the breasts, only barely covering her nipples. Tightly, the white blouse clung to her middle and a black little skirt fluffed up stiffly, lace patterned frills underneath showed her upper thighs adorned with garters. Her legs were decorated with skin colored stockings with the seam in the back straight as an arrow. Her ankles were adorned with a white lace loop and turned, ever so lovely, in the high heels she wore. Similar lace wraps adorned her wrists, displaying her hands and fingers nicely. She'd removed her wedding and engagement rings, probably to please her lover. A delightful touch, that added enormously, was the jet black choker around her neck. She pirouetted for his pleasure.

"Good. Now set the dinning room table for two. I'm having Randi over for dinner. We'll probably fuck afterwards. You will be serving us." He could sense the anger rising in her. Why should she share him with anyone! Then he could see the resignation, as she decided she'd do anything for her secret lover. Interestingly, she began to twitch with excitement at the humiliation of having to serve his other lover dinner. She also seem to reflect on how much better a lover she must be, to be able to accept this role from him.

"Yes master." she meekly said.

Amazing, he thought, I didn't even plant that stream in her to accept... I think. Aroused himself, he had to struggle not to take Fran immediately.

She began to work on setting the table, a difficult task in the outfit she now wore. Watching her move in that outfit, he thought, was one hell of a reward in itself. The motions showed off her flesh with grace, and her poise was such, Bob could believe she was aroused just from being watched.

Fortunately the doorbell rang again. He answered the door to find Randi, as he expected.

She was beautiful. She wore a red, ankle length, shoulderless dress, that accented her smaller breasts and the incredible curve of her hips. Her hair was waved slightly, and the red lipstick was glossy enough to accent the light pucker her lips were displaying. She was wearing black high heels, and an ankle bracelet glinted briefly in the waning sunlight.

A cloud of confusion and irritation hung over her as he waved her in.

"I really didn't want to come, you know. I just had to see if this stupid lack of control is something that happens only around you!" She stomped into the living room on 3 inch heels without the flowing grace the dress suggested. He figured he could work on that... "Oh, I love it when you're angry. Do sit down, our servant for the evening will have dinner ready soon, I'm sure..."

"Our what!? Oh, your not going to embarrass me in front of a stranger, you know! I can just leave right now!"

"Nothing of the sort. You know Fran. Fran! Come in here please."

In walked the lovely, willowy blond, displaying herself in her maid's outfit. She capped her entrance with a delicate curtsy, almost sliding her breasts free from her blouse on the bounce.

"Yes master?" she put out with the sexiest breathy voice she could manage.

"Dinner is on the stove and in the oven. When the timer rings, the chicken should be ready. Set out the food, and call us in. Bring us a glass of wine each, please."

"Will that be all master?"

"Yes Fran, that will be all."

"That isn't our Fran, from work I mean!?" Randi appeared a little shocked by Fran's appearance. But her eyes had lingered on Fran's legs and ass as she wandered back to the kitchen.

"Oh, she likes performing this little role of hers. Don't be alarmed. We will have dinner, chat for a while, and see what happens."

Randi opened her lovely lips, but rather than speak, she just licked them. Bob recognized the reaction from the girl in the Mall. He hadn't expected Randi to have that response. Oh ho!, he thought, maybe I know what became of the old boyfriend.

Fran brought the wine in, and Randi's eyes didn't stray from her. She finally looked at Bob again after Fran left the room.

"If you like, I'll let you eat her for dessert." He tested the waters, deliberately avoiding monitoring her thoughts.

Stunned, Randi looked down at her lap. "I don't know what you're talking about!" Her voice was much smaller, and somewhat broken up by the attempt to reply immediately to his insinuation. Her hands were clasped, palms up in her lap, and looked sweaty. He knew he had appraised her reaction correctly. Before the conversation continued however, Fran called that dinner was ready. Sitting down to candle light, being served by the attractive blond, and eating dinner with another woman that would be at his command later, Bob felt a certain contentment. Satisfaction and comfort settled in while he ate the food Fran placed before him.

She stroked him with those lovely boobs whenever she could work around his side or back. While she did this, he slipped a suggestion into her mind that she do the same for Randi.

Fran, consciously trying to please Bob, now began to perform the same little enticing movements against Randi. Bob watched Randi's eyes pop wide open at one point when Fran dipped her cleavage low so Randi couldn't miss it. Randi's tongue explored her own lips and seemed to have no active control while her eyes followed Fran around the room. At one point, she brushed her own breast as Fran rubbed up against her back.

Bob's reactions were astounding, he couldn't keep his prick down when he saw Randi's behavior.

Fran did well serving the salad, main course, and the cake he had bought. She made every step to and from the kitchen an exciting luscious erotic treat as well. But after she cleared the dessert dishes, he had her bring out coffee. He was looking forward to being awake for some time yet! Once the coffee was out, he looked at a very horny Randi sitting opposite.

"Still hungry?"

"Well, no, dinner was very good, thank you." She remained pensive, and somewhat ill at ease. Bob was delighted, this was all very exciting, influencing his state of arousal.

"Very well, Fran come in here."

The blond bounced into the dining room quickly, almost coming out of the weak restraint of her blouse.

"Yes master?"

Bob got up and moved behind Fran, turning her to face Randi. Her body moved longingly at his every touch. Looking over Fran's shoulder, he could see Randi lick her lips, and struggle at restraining her own reactions. Fran tensed a little as she realized he might use her there before this other lover, but relaxed again, determined she would show herself the better choice.

He reached for the back of her neck, with his palm arched, he lightly felt the smooth skin around to her chin and slipped a finger into her mouth. She took the finger and sucked it with worshipful motions, licking the air behind as he pulled away from time to time. Bob could see her eyes were closed in passion. He glanced at Randi, who by now had her right hand up to her mouth, the knuckles of her forefinger sucked between her lips, the white of her teeth showing against the skin. Her desire to participate was very clear.

"Come into the living room, both of you." He directed, as soon as he could draw himself under control a bit. "Randi, you take the larger chair, by the bookcase." He slipped his hand under the diminutive skirt Fran was wearing and grabbed a handful of cheek to guide her in front of Randi, back about 3 feet. Randi, lost in her own lust, simply did as commanded. He was delighted that he'd been able to avoid any further probing, and adjustment to fulfill his desires so far.

He slipped his hand past Fran's anus and pulled back on her crotch while pushing forward on her shoulders with the other hand. "Ommph!" she spouted as her hands grabbed the arms of Randi's chair and she leaned over displaying her bountiful chest to the elegantly dressed woman beneath.

"Good. Now Randi, since you've been enjoying watching Fran's tits throughout dinner, you will arouse them for me."

Shamed by her body's hot desire, Randi began to reach up for those gifts Bob was giving her. She began by unbuttoning the blouse Fran had so tightly wrapped around herself earlier.

Fran was helplessly trapped in this position, the strain on her arms noticeably caused discomfort, but as Randi started tracing the shapes of Fran's huge tits by the tiniest finger traces, a sigh of delight escaped from within.

While Randi was exploring, Bob dropped his trousers, kicking them and his shoes aside for now. His view was enhanced by the great mirror over the mantle of his fireplace. He also reached out to see through Randi what she saw and felt. As he did this he could feel the growing lust raging in her and saw the tip of her tongue wrap itself around Fran's nipple. Fran let out a solid low moan. Bob stepped up behind her. He lifter her skimpy skirt to expose naked ass and pussy. He slid his cock straight into her cunt, by now soaked with vaginal juices, to the hilt.

"gnnn! ooohhh god!" he could feel her clenching her teeth with the sensation of her nipples being aroused from one side as he plunged her depths from behind. Unable to do much more than wobble in place against him, she pressed back whenever she could. The high heels she wore made this task less than simple.

Bob blocked her orgasm, as he had earlier with Janet. He let it build. The streams of pleasurable arousal grew, but failed to release. "unh unh unh" she throbbed rhythmically, pulsing as he continued to pound her cunt and Randi got more enthusiastic with her tits. Randi bit down hard once, eliciting a great "ggaaawwdddd yessss!" as Fran lurched with the strokes. Fran's head was now shaking wildly from side to side, tossing droplets of sweat left and right as she strove to reach the plateau... which Bob finally allowed, unlocking the stream for her. "AAAHHHHAAHHHHHHHHHH! GOOOOOODDD! FU..." and she went from total animal screech to whimpering little girl slowly through the orgasm.

No one could say how long she had been in a state of orgasm, but when she was done, there was just a shell of child, leaning against the chair. Bob carried her to the other chair and sat her down. Still in her maids uniform, Fran looked a little like a broken doll. Checking she was actually still there and breathing, Bob cupped her face in his hands. She smiled, but didn't open her eyes.

Bob turned back to Randi. She was virtually drooling, gulping with desire and anticipation. Her hands were rubbing across the fabric of her dress, over her breasts.

"I'll do anything you want," she breathed seductively. He knew he had her hooked, more than controlled. "I'll be your whore," she went on, "anytime, just help me, uh, please, I want to cum like that!" she ended in a stammering whisper. He could see her shudder lightly as he approached her.

His cock, wet from Fran, was still standing erect. He stood by the side of Randi's chair.

"Darling Randi, I think you can start by cleaning Fran's juices off my prick."

"Yes, er, should I call you master too?" she spoke directly at his prick, now in her hand.

"Eventually, maybe. Tonight you are my date, Fran is being our entertainment, a toy for both of us to play with." Randi was wrapping her lips about the tip of his cock, "a toy for your pleasure too. But you will be my Lady, an exceptional consort for this night." She was delighting in tasting the juices Fran covered him with, he could feel the passion in her lips and tongue. As she began diving against his groin, the flood of energy built in his balls, surging to rise above the base of his organ. He felt her slide further towards the root of his stiffness. Her teeth were digging gently against the body of his cock. Pulling her head harder against him he unleashed a torrent of cum down her throat. Remarkably, she sucked harder to swallow what he'd delivered. When his release ended, he stood back, appraising her appearance.

She licked her lips clean, clearing every drop of the hard won semen from her chin, she was still unquestionably squelching her own desire to orgasm. She had given over to his control, he would let her come when she was ripe, improving the inevitable orgasm beyond her normal expectations. She was obviously certain of this. Drop and give me fifty, he chuckled to himself. Oh, the enticing thrill of having two such lovely toys, all to himself. Well, he couldn't leave her quite like this all night.

"Go in the bedroom, get your underwear off. Then we'll make a short trip out. You will enjoy yourself, I'm sure."

Reluctantly, knowing she'd now have to wait for her anticipated release, she stepped down the hall. Bob turned to Fran who had recovered enough to watch the end of Randi's administrations to his prick.

"Clean yourself up. I want the kitchen clean by the time we get back and yourself in pristine condition, prepared for our leisure."

"Yes master," she managed, still hovering about the plateau she hit when her orgasm ended. He sensed she'd gotten a thrill from the use Randi had made of her, he'd expected no less.

He put his pants back on, finishing the knots on his shoes when Randi came back out. Her makeup straightened out, she had taken on the appearance of someone set to go to the opera. She had turned her curvaceous assets into a work of art.

"Before we go, why don't you go in to Fran and feel up her cunt? You might feel better for it... if all goes well, I'll let you use her later as well..." She flashed him a wicked lustful glance, and stepped into the kitchen.

"Yipppp!, oh mistress!" He heard while he found his keys and wallet. "unnnh!, mmmmph!" A few more muffled moans and sighs were followed by an "oh please!"

Momentarily, with a satisfied grin, Randi stepped back in. Her lipstick was slightly disrupted, but she seemed gloriously pleased with herself.

She fixed the makeup again in the car.

The two of them went to a few dance places he'd used to visit, trolling for dates, before he'd met Betty. She danced impeccably.

He teased her, making her dance with several other men with verbal instructions to make the tiniest of come ons to them. Randi obviously felt a little humiliated, but also found each act of humiliation to be another inch forward in her arousal.

He, for his part, danced with as many other women as he could entice to the dance floor. Some of them never noticed his hands cupping their breasts. Some did, but didn't want him to stop.

But after a few hours, Bob took Randi back to his home. She was now so hot, she figured the doorknob looked good. He told her to use Fran to get her relief, when they got inside.

As they entered, Fran stepped up with hot cocoa.

"I thought you'd like something when you got in, master."

Bob took his cup, but Randi set hers aside.

Randi took Fran's left hand in both of hers... Fran shot a questioning look at Bob. He simply nodded. Randi began to nibble at the inside of Fran's wrist. Fran tilted her head back and closed her eyes, striking one of those 'eat me up' poses she'd been using on him.

Randi worked up the arm to the elbow. One of her hands began tracing the curves of the servant's body, first her hips, then the small of her back, finally sliding underneath the balloon sized breasts. Although Fran was clearly aroused, it was Randi that moaned with pleasure as she sought out unexplored valleys and curves in the other woman. The buttons of the maid's blouse came apart expertly in her hands, and where fingers explored before, the tongue and lips now followed.

Randi pulled Fran down to the floor, plunging her tongue, in a steamy kiss, past the other woman's teeth.

The temporary servant was moaning herself at this advance and began to feel Randi's curves through her dress. Shortly it was Fran who had rolled Randi over and was thrusting her tongue down the brunette's throat. Gasps of pleasure worked free from both women. Bob was very pleased with this turn of events.

Randi and Fran allowed him to interrupt. After pointing out the bedroom would be much more comfortable, he watched as they scrambled to the other room together. He slipped the orgasm block into both of them, and went down the basement.

Shortly he'd found the book and went into the living room, sitting in the same chair he'd had Randi in earlier. Sipping his drink, he listened to the stream of moans and begging "fuck me, please, oooohh" sounds from the bedroom. His vicarious pleasure was about to begin. He'd planned this since he saw the little tart at the mall. He reached out to feel the two women, entering into the streams

Randi was putting out. He could feel her lips brush the nipples of the other woman. Her heat filled his loins, the pleasure and pain of the nips at her own nipples flooded his chest. He could feel the fingers invading her cunt. He sensed the dripping fluids dribbling down her legs. His own pelvis lifted and pulsed in rhythm with hers. Fran became pinned under her, as she thrust her groin into the blonde's face. Clearly the blond was easily as far gone by now, as Randi dug her tongue between Fran's cut lips, the fluids flowed into her mouth. He could feel the twist of Fran's fingers, reaching Randi's tits.

Bob released the block on Randi's orgasm while he was inside her mind stream, wallowing in the symbols spelling out the thrusting surge. He felt her muscled contraction tightly, again, and then again, and once again. He was certain he was wet in exactly the same way. Then he slipped into Fran's stream of consciousness, feeling a similar punch of pleasure rising in her/his groin. Randi chose the moment to lunge her fingers into Fran's cunt, several, maybe an entire fist. Fuck!, god that was good, he released Fran too and she went screaming, at the top of her lungs, over the edge.

Releasing the probe into the women, Bob relaxed. Oh shit!, he looked down. He'd had an orgasm too, messing his pants and his chair.

How embarrassing. Planning hadn't foreseen this, he reflected.

He cleaned up the mess. Looking in on his toys, he saw they'd fallen asleep, cuddled in each other's arms.

Very well, he thought. I'm pretty well burnt out anyway. Time to check out the book. He began to search for references to organizations of telepaths, hunters, anything. It was 2:00 AM when he gave up. There were no clues to anyone, not even the original author. He virtually had the Book memorized now.

He finally put it away again. The basement was dark and gloomy. He needed to lift his spirits again.

Thinking about the two women together, his cock rose again. He slipped in next to Fran. He woke her with a shush...

With Randi still asleep, he had Fran suck his cock, lubricating him with her spit. Turning her around, he arranged her on her knees on the bed. Her head next to Randi, her shoulders imbedded in a pillow, her ass jutting up at him. He spread her cheeks. She made a small whimper of joy, and he shushed her again. His cock worked its way into her ass slowly. She bit down on the pillow. He plunged in and began to work up a rhythm. Fran grunted a pleased sigh. He pumped and felt the flood coming again. His groin squeezed the liquid fire through his prick one more time for the night. Fran spasmed a orgasm, loud, but pleasantly shuddering against the bed clothes.

Randi slept through everything this time, even Fran's noisy orgasm.

And then he felt spent. Fran dripped with come, and he watched her waiting permission to get up. With hesitation, he had her gather her things and go home.

He gave Fran a farewell kiss at the front door, and intimately drew his fingers over each breast and her cunt before she departed.

He woke up Randi, telling her to go home. Randi seemed reluctant to depart. She wanted to stay for more of his special treatment. "Don't worry, we'll get together again, soon."

"I'm prepared to move in, if you'll have me." she whispered.

"You want Fran, not me." He knew what brought out her heat, she'd missed it all along. His new talent had helped see through her thin veneer.

"Yes, but you gave her to me tonight. The whole thing wouldn't have worked if I'd tried to pick her up myself..." Her eyes begged him for more, both the humiliation and the control over other women. "But she is only one woman. You are a treasure chest of unbridled sexual pleasure."

"So you think you want to be my whore? You want me to pimp women for your use?"

"I'd pay for what you've given me, er, master." with this she announced her servitude.

"You will pay. You'll find that if I own you, I'll used you often. I'll think it over. Go home."

She pouted at him, but left as commanded. He watched her car drive away in the darkness.

Clearing away the mess in the bed room, he collapsed into a solid crashing sleep.

He dreamed of being 'hunted' by predatory villains, wielding ray guns and carrying manacles. The terror woke him, but he managed to drop off again, repeating the nightmare a few times...

Betty would visit tomorrow.